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Kickboxing (A complete guide) - Wrestle MMA

What is Kickboxing?
Kickboxing is a type of combat sport, which is a combination of karate and boxing. It was first started in Japan in the 1950s, to become one of the most popular martial arts in the world. Kickboxing was a part of the World Games 2017 as an invitational event.

The rules of this martial art vary as there are many organisations that govern it. Clinching, knees and elbows and kicks below the waist are the aspects, where the rules differ the most. Some organisations allow them while some don't. The primary moves are the kicks and punches and criteria to win a fight are either Knockout or by decision.

There is a form of kickboxing, which is called cardio kickboxing. It is a different concept as it focuses more on your cardiovascular and overall health than preparing you for professional kickboxing.
What does Kickboxing do to your body?
Kickboxing does a lot of positive things to your body. The most known benefit is that you lose weight. If you are devoted to it, even a…

15 Youngest WWE superstars right now ( Number 1 is unbelievable!) - Wrestle MMA

The WWE has grown enormously ever since legends like Ric flair, hulk hogan, Mae Young, Bret Hart,etc made their respective debuts. It has always been dominated by 'grown up' men and women for decades. But now, the tables have turned as more and more fresh talents are coming into the world of WWE.

These new, budding superstars are not just simply "new", but they are surprisingly young as well. Some of these young bloods are already competing in the main roster and have been champions, while others are giving their blood,sweat and tears in the NXT.

This article is going to tell you about the youngest WWE superstars, who are doing pretty good! So, let's check it out!

Note ~ The superstars below are chosen from both main roster and NXT.
15. Paige ( Born on August 17, 1992; Age 27)
The now retired wrestler, Paige is one of the youngest WWE Divas Champions, who won it at just 21! She made her debut at an unbelievably young age of 13, at her father's wrestling show in…

A Complete list of WWE Salaries (Latest) - Wrestle MMA

WWE wrestlers really do a lot of hard work to get to the top of the business. Every single wrestler puts his/her body, career and sometimes, even life on the line for us. But before all that, these wrestlers have spent a part of their lives in training themselves, to finally become professionals.

Even after such training, wrestlers do get injured, which in the worse case scenario, may led to early retirement. In another words, life of a wrestler isn't a walk in the park!

Now the question is, what are the salaries of WWE wrestlers? Who are the highest paid WWE wrestlers?

If you have similar questions, then surely you've landed on the right post. I've made a complete list regarding WWE salaries of wrestlers, including WWE stuff members as well. Check it out below!

Source ~ and as per latest reports of
The "Beast Incarnate", Brock Lesnar's salary is a massive base pay …

A look at Conor McGregor Net Worth (2019) - Wrestle MMA

If you are a true MMA fan, then you definitely know who's the "notorious" fighter in the business! Oh yeah, you're damn right because it is Conor "the notorious" McGregor. This is the man, who is arguably the FACE of the UFC and quite honestly, he certainly deserves to be. McGregor is one of the amazing talents that the MMA industry has ever witnessed.The guy's list of attainments is pretty astounding than most of the other top faces in the entire UFC.

Anyways, in this column, I'll be divulging some facts relating to Conor McGregor net worth. And also we'll have a look at how a typical young gun went on to become a top multi- millionaire fighter!
THE EARLY LIFE OF YOUNG CONOR MCGREGORWell, the now multi-millionaire MMA fight Conor surprisingly didn't born with silver spoon in his mouth. According to the famous canadian youtuber Micheal McCrudden, Conor belonged to a middle class family. His parents used to scrape by to fulfill the needs of li…