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Rhea Ripley Biography, age, height, real name, more - Wrestle MMA

Who is Rhea Ripley?Rhea Ripley is a current NXT Superstar, who competes at both NXT and NXT UK shows. She is an Australian WWE diva, who hails from Adelaide, South Australia. 
What is Rhea Ripley's real name? Rhea's real is Demi Bennett. What is Rhea Ripley's age?Rhea Ripley is 23 years old. (D.O.B - 11th October 1996) How tall is Rhea Ripley?She is 5 feet 9 inches tall. (5' 9'') What is her weight?Rhea's weight is 150 lb. (68 kg)
How many championships has she won?Rhea Ripley has won two championships till now. Riot City Wrestling Championship ( won 2 times in Australia.)WWE inaugural NXT UK Championship (won 1 time.)  What are the wrestling moves of Rhea Ripley? Her wrestling moves are - ClotheslineSoccer KickDrop KickDelayed Verticle SuplexPop up Body TossChain breakerElectric Chair DropHer finishers are - Inverted CloverleafThe Riptide Is Rhea Ripley married?No, She isn't married. Is she single?Not known. Is she available on social media?Yes, Rhea is available o…

WWE Wrestlers Age - How old are WWE Wrestlers? - Wrestle MMA

We all adore our favourite WWE wrestlers at all times. They always have entertained us, regardless of being as a face or a heel! They also have inspired many of us to hit the gym and transform ourselves, haven't they? But, have you ever wondered how old WWE Wrestlers are? when their birthdays are?
Well, here are the ages of both present and former WWE Superstars down below! 

Enjoy surfing!
AAJ Styles - Age 42; Birthday - 2nd June (1977)Andrade - Age 30; Birthday - 3rd November (1989)Ali - Age 33; Birthday - 28th March (1986)Alicia Fox - Age 33; Birthday - 30th June (1986)Alexa bliss - Age 28; Birthday - 9th August (1991)Aj Lee - Age 32; Birthday - 19th March (1987)Alberto Del Rio - Age 32; Birthday - 25th May (1977)Asuka - Age - 38; Birthday - 26th September (1981)Aleister Black - Age 34; Birthday - 19th May (1985)  BBrock Lesnar - Age 42; Birthday - 12th July (1977)Batista - Age 50, Birthday - 18th January (1969)Booker T - Age 54; Birthday - 1st March (1965)Big Show - Age 47; Birthda…

30 Strongest WWE Wrestlers in history - Wrestle MMA

You must have wondered or got into a discussion regarding 'who is the strongest wrestler in history?' It is a really big debate worthy topic for the pro wrestling fans as everyone has got different picks.

This is why I've come up with this list of strongest WWE wrestlers in the history of Pro-Wrestling. All the wrestlers have been ranked on the basis of their moves and their lifting ability inside the wrestling ring.

So let's go!

Note - All the images used are licensed under creative commons, that allows reuse of work, even commercially.
30. Triple H
The leader of Evolution, Triple H has always been looked as a strong guy inside the ring. The game was able to manhandle most of his rivals with his masculine physique. His levels of stamina, endurance and resiliency really worth appreciation. That is why he could able to create a legacy of his own, that will live for ages.
Even today, he can easily wrestle well than most of the current wrestlers. Moves like delayed verticle …