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5 reasons why WWE is proud of Triple h


Not all superstars in the WWE have the capabilities to be a future legend in this industry. Year after year, we see a lot of superstars come and go and only a few who outshine and win the hearts of the WWE universe. But those who have what it takes to be “somebody” in the future start displaying it in the very beginning and then they just keep evolving. One such example is Triple h, who went from a rookie to be the “king of kings” and finally the Executive vice president of the WWE today! So without further adieu, let’s see why WWE is proud of "the game".

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Triple h’s matches are always fun to watch as they are always loaded with splendid moves. Not only his matches but also his entrance is one of the most bad ass ones of all time that made him even more popular among his fans from all around the world. Moves like spine buster, face crusher that are absolutely punishing, submission move like arm trap cross face that forces the opponent to either tap out or else pass out from the torture due to excruciating pain and finisher like pedigree certainly makes a match worth watching!


Perhaps there’s no one who would say that Triple h’s mic skills are boring or bad if he or she is a true wrestling fan. There are very countable number of WWE superstars who possess extraordinary mic skills and surely triple h would be in the top section of the list if not in the first position.


"The game" had a great physique in most of the time of his career as a wrestler and even now too. In this PG era, seeing somebody with a great physique is as rare as hens’ teeth, but there’s this man who is almost 50 years old and still in great shape. Surely he can have one more championship reign at anytime.


We know triple h as the COO of the WWE and most of the we see him barking orders to others on television but his actual works and duties are more stressful and difficult. He was done with his full time wrestling career back in 2010 to take the duties as an executive senior adviser where he had his own office at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. He was named as Executive Vice President of Talent ,Live events and creative for his excellent works like founding NXT, searching and recruiting athletes who got potential to be future champions, creating and developing WWE performance center and much more.


Triple h, being with the company as an Executive Vice President of talent, live events and creative for a long time, has showed his competency and capabilities to be the guy who can take over the WWE after Vince Mcmahon. He has been praised for his works that he has done thus far for the future stars of the WWE and women’s wrestling.

In January 2018, WWE Hall of Famer, Jim Ross spoke with business insider and gave his thoughts about the next person who could possibly takeover the company after Vince Mcmahon and said that it is none other than Triple H. However, nothing can said certainly as it may not be the game but someone else, who will take over. But one thing can be said for sure, guess what? WWE definitely has a brilliant man in the form of Triple h, whom it can count on for its future!

And that's all for right now! I hope u liked this article and if you did, then stay tuned with wrestle mma!


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