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As we all know, knock outs in the WWE doesn’t literally means being ‘knocked out’. But sometimes, things get really “real” which results in abrupt stop of a on going contest and in the worst case scenario, end of a wrestler’s career! It is a boon for the WWE when their matches go all right. But sometimes unfortunate things do happen during a match which might force the match to wind up immediately. These botches may shorten or completely ruin the careers of the WWE superstars and moreover it is quite embarrassing for the WWE whenever such botches appear.

So, here's the list of 5 WWE superstars who were knocked out for real during a match:-


The Sunday night at WWE payback 2016  proved to be very unfortunate for the former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore. At payback 2016, Enzo Amore with his then tag team partner, Big Cass were set to take on the heel team ‘ The Vaudevillians’. This bout was the opening contest of that night and was going pretty good until Gotch was tagged in by Aiden.

Gotch immediately went on to throw Enzo out of the ring and it was then this incident happened. When Enzo was thrown out of the ring, his head bounced off the ring mat hard after it collided with the middle rope and again got hit on the floor leaving him totally knocked out cold and his eyes opened. The match was ended after that by the referee resulting in a no contest and Enzo received immediate medical attention.


During a match on Smackdown in 2011, Daniel Bryan faced Alberto Del Rio in a matchup. The incident happened in a few minutes after their match started when Alberto pushed Daniel towards the turnbuckle where his back bounced off and he fell hard on the ring impacting his head followed by a kick from Alberto to his head. 

It was at that point, Bryan was legitimately out and Alberto himself had to assist him in kicking out from a pin. In an interview, Alberto Del Rio revealed that he wanted to end the match after he realized that Bryan was knocked out cold but was forbidden to do so. He was instructed to put a senseless Bryan on a hold and fortunately after shaking him a few times while keeping him on the hold, Bryan woke up and able to continue the rest of the match. He even needed to ask the referee where they were at when coming back to consciousness.

3. THE MIZ :- 

At Wrestle Mania 27 during the main event matchup between John Cena vs The Miz, Miz was legitimately knocked out after Cena clothesline him over the barricade that led both of the superstars fall hard on the concrete floor. It was at that time Miz turned unconscious as his head bounced off the floor hard.

That was quite embarrassing for the WWE and the Miz as well that such a botch occurred during the main event at “the grandest stage of them all” Wrestle Mania! Initially, the match was declared as a draw due to this but then, The Rock showed up to restart the match once again and delivered a shocking rock bottom to Cena that assisted The Miz to retain the championship. Years later, The miz disclosed this botch story of his in an episode of Chris Jericho’s podcast ‘Talk is Jericho’.  


During the main event match between Triple h, The rock and Kurt Angle for the WWE championship at Summer Slam 2000, Kurt was knocked out for minutes due to a botch. At a point of the match, both Triple h and Kurt angle stepped on the announcers’ table where the game basically wanted to pedigree Angle in order to keep him out of the contest.

However, things didn’t work well for Triple h as the table collapsed before seconds away from him giving the pedigree.This led to Angle’s head first on the table hard when it broke. Due to this, Angle was taken out of the match but fortunately could return after some minutes later.


This one might be surprising for some people out there but it did happen a long time back in 2003. At Wrestle Mania 19, Brock faced Kurt Angle for the WWE championship where both of them had put forward tremendous amount of efforts to win the gold. 

Just a couple of minutes before the end of the match, Lesnar did something which perhaps nobody has ever seen doing by guys of his size. He stood up at the top rope and delivered a shooting star press which he botched pretty badly. It was then when “the beast” knocked out himself for a few seconds but still managed to get on his feet and F5 Kurt to regain his WWE championship on that night.

So, this was the end of this article containing WWE superstars who were literally knocked out during a match but luckily at the end, things didn't deviated that much for the WWE. 

Comment down your thoughts about this article if you have any and I'll be back with another one soon! Till then, have a good time!


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