FAMOUS UFC FIGHTERS | 3 Famous UFC fighters’ shocking losses

Shocking losses of famous UFC fighters

Like any other sport, MMA is also about wins and losses. But, what makes it extraordinary is that it just takes a couple of seconds to turn the tables. Even the best ones sometimes get battered in seconds, which nobody could see it coming and this article proves it. 

So without further ado, Let’s take a look at some of the famous UFC fighters who lost their fights in a very unexpected way, that shocked the fans around the globe.


The current WWE Raw women’s champion Ronda Rousey is at the top of the game in women’s division of WWE. But apart from being the horsewoman in the WWE, she also has been a top fighter in the MMA industry as we all know.

After winning an Olympic medal in Judo, Ronda started her professional career in 2010 and finally made it to the biggest MMA promotional company, UFC in 2012. In a very less amount of time, she won the UFC bantamweight championship from Meisha Tate via submission in her debut year.Ronda, during her reign as the UFC bantamweight division champion, reached the pinnacle of her mixed martial arts career as she hold that championship for more than 3 and a half years that brought many accolades to her during that time, making her one of the most famous UFC fighters

But at UFC 193 held in 2015, the 
unfortunate night finally came into Ronda 
Rousey’s life when she was knocked out by Holly 
Holms and won the championship from her. 
Regarding this loss, Ronda has spoke to many 
news and Medias where she revealed about her 
condition after her unanticipated and embarrassing 
loss at that night.

She described how awful of a night it was for her 
and felt that she was nobody and wanted to kill herself! So definitely we can tell how 
shameful and mortified Ronda Rousey felt that 
night at UFC 193 after her defeat but thanks to her 
love of her life, Travis Browne who was and still there with her, who gave his constant support to her.


The“notorious” Irish 
born warrior, Conor McGregor  is again, one of the famous UFC fighters. Now, he might have a 
history of knocking out his opponents in minutes 
but that can’t erase the fact that he also has gone 
through some embarrassing moments of his career 
which nobody could see them coming.

Starting his MMA career in 2008, McGregor won 
his debut match against Garry Morrisin just 8 
seconds in second round TKO! Since then the 
“notorious” Conor McGregor began evolving as 
he continued to prevail his opponents mostly via 
TKOs and KOs, holding both the Cage Warriors 
Featherweight and Lightweight 
Championships concurrently and ultimately 
managed to pick up 12 wins out of 14 of his total 
fights, which made his MMA record to 12-2 until 
he joined the UFC in 2013.

 After signing contract with the UFC, McGregor  
started to repeat the history again by constant 
wins, which raised his MMA win record to an 
incredible 19-2 before his unexpected loss at UFC 
196. At UFC 196 (2016), Conor McGregor was  
set to fight Nate Diaz where he lost the fight via 
submission to Diaz. That was so very unbelievable 
thing happened on that night as it was McGregor’s 
first loss in UFC and also was his first loss after 5 
glorious years of victory since his second loss in 

In the backstage interview, Conor McGregor 
addressed this embarrassing first UFC loss of 
his by revealing that he actually got panicked 
because Diaz could take his shots without getting 
much effected by them and felt that he was 
inefficient with his energy. Conor also blamed the 
‘weight advantage’ factor that Nate Diaz had over 
him as one of the reasons why he met such a 
humiliating defeat. He also refused to make any 
sort of lame excuses to cover up his loss and said 
he would come back. 

 Indeed! he proved his words right when he beat Nate Diaz at UFC 202. But, unfortunately Conor 
was embarrassed yet again by the UFC lightweight Champion, Khabib at UFC 229, who made him  
submit that shocked the world all over again!


Cristiane Justino Venâncio, popularly known as Cyborg is a knock out expert for sure, but even she too had a bit of hard time accepting her defeat after years of picking up victories persistently.

Entering into the world of Mixed Martial Arts in 
2005, Cyborg though failed to get the win in her 
very first MMA fight, but thereafter winning 
became a part of her life as she didn’t lose a fight 
since then, that made her one of the famous UFC fighters until 2018 knocked the door. She came to the US in 2008 
and made her debut in EliteXC: Unfinished 
Business and successfully won it via TKO in the second round. A year later in 2009, Cyborg joined the Strikeforce and won the Strikeforce Women’s Featherweight Championship in that year itself.

In 2013, she joined the Invicta FC and very soon 
could able to wear the Invicta Featherweight 
Championship around her waist and defended it  
successfully through out the time she was in 
Invicta FC.

In 2015, Cris Cyborg headed to the UFC with a 
record of 15-1 (1) where she stood victorious in 
her debut fight at UFC 198 via an impressive TKO 
in the first round. Two years later, in 2017 she 
faced Tonya Evinger at UFC 214 and came out 
victorious, that made her the UFC Women’s 
Featherweight Champion ( her first ever UFC title 
win). Finally 2018 came, the year in which 
Cyborg’s fans from all round the globe were 
stunned as nobody was anticipating about what 
happened at UFC 232. Nobody ever thought that a 
knock out expert fighter like Cris Cyborg who 
hadn’t lose a single fight since 2005 would be 
knocked out in less than a minute.

Lately, Cris Cyborg was interviewed by ESPN 
MMA where she was asked about her first loss in 
13 long years. To this, Cyborg responded by 
admitting the fact that it did really affected her a 
bit as she said “ My heart broke a little bit of 
course but, you know it’s a part of the game. One 
day you lose, one day you win.”

But to be honest, Cyborg is a strong woman inside 
and out. For a fighter who didn’t lose a fight for 
13 years straight and suddenly lose at the very first 
round in only 51 seconds, that’s enough to go into 
bad depression and experience anxieties but 
Cyborg’s a real fighter who took it like how a real 
fighter should! At the end of the interview, she 
was asked if she wants to fight Amanda Nunes 
immediately again to which she had to say that she 
don’t have a clue of facing her immediately but 
she would fight her again if she needs to!

So, this is the end of the article comprising some of the unexpected losses incurred by some of the famous UFC fighters. I hope you will appreciate this piece of work and feel free to comment down your thoughts about this article. Have a good time! 

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