John Cena's Top 5 best wwe matches

The 16th time champion, John Cena is one of the biggest names in sports entertainment. Started as an ordinary rookie, John made it to the top and became the face of the company. During that journey to the top, Cena gave some of the historic and best wwe matches to us, the wwe universe.

So without further adieu, let's explore the below list consisting Cena's top 5 best wwe matches.


ONE NIGHT STAND (2007) – This feud has its roots traced to the 30th April 2007 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw where The Great Khali had put out Shawn Micheals, edge, The viper Randy Orton and John Cena (then wwe champion) on the same night revealing his intentions to be the wwe champion.

In the next episode of raw, Khali brutally defeated Shawn Micheals by hitting a Khali bomb to the heart break kid through the announcers’ table to become the no. 1 contender for the wwe championship. However, at Judgement day 2007, Khali couldn’t get the job done as he lost via submission to Cena’s STFU but actually his foot was under the ropes which the referee failed to notice. So, at WWE one night stand, these two superstars were once again scheduled to face off for the WWE title in a falls count anywhere match.

On 3rd June 2007, at the main event of WWE one night stand, Cena faced The Great Khali for the 2nd time for the WWE title. The match proved to be very grueling and wearying for Cena as Khali controlled the majority of the match. Nonetheless, we gotta respect Cena’s withstanding capacity as he didn’t give up to the torturing moves coming from the 7 ft 3 inches tall giant.

At the final part of the match, Cena swinged a camera boom towards Khali and tried to pin but the giant was not out as he kicked out. Khali then scoop slammed Cena onto a crane and wanted to deliver the devastating khali bomb. But, Cena managed to counter it to finally deliver a shocking AA to Khali off the crane onto the concrete floor and defeated him for the very first time in a singles match, that surely made it one of his best wwe matches!


RAW, (Feb 25, 2013) – After losing the WWE championship to the Rock at royal rumble 2013 and failed to capture the strap again at elimination chamber 2013, Cm Punk interupted Cena on 18th February, 2013 episode of Raw and debated against the fact that Cena’s in the main event of Wrestle Mania 29 and termed it as a “déjà vu”. After hearing all what punk had to say and to sort the matter, Cena made a match between him and Punk in which the winner would get to face the Rock for the WWE championship. Punk with a grin, chose to face off Cena on the next eisode of Raw.

On the 25th February, 2013 episode of Raw, both Cena and Punk fought tooth and claw on that night. Cena caught punk for the STF, but relentless punk reversed it for the anaconda vice. The leader of the cenation managed to break the hold and later delivered an AA to punk, but punk kicked out. Thereafter punk delivered 2 GTS singly to Cena but he kicked out each time which made Punk baffled.

Both Punk and Cena came up with some uncommon moves such as a pilediver and a powerbomb respectively which made the match even more compelling. At the end, Cena delivered a hurricanrana before hitting an AA to finally beat Punk and retained his chance to face The Rock. This was one of the best wwe matches on raw in this pg era.


WRESTLE MANIA 25, (2009) – This is again one of Cena's best wwe matches that proved to be one of the hardest and challenging bout for him. But despite of all odds against Cena, the sixteenth time world champ stood against all of them. So, the storyline began when Edge entered the elimination chamber 2009 after assaulting Kofi and taking his spot. The rated R superstar eliminated Cena who was the world champ during the match and lastly eliminated Rey mysterio to be the new champ.When wrestle mania 25 was approaching briskly, it was initially planned that it would be Edge vs The Big Show for the World Heavyweight championship but later Cena was added to the match by Vickie Guerrero.

At WRESTLE MANIA 25, John Cena’s entrance made the crowd astonished.

It was a very challenging matchup for Cena as he was the common enemy for both Edge and Big Show tho’ these two had their own differences. Match started with The Big show dominating both of his opponents and of course he concentrated more on Cena as he showered him with stomps, big boot, blows and even stepped entirely on Cena, purely punishing him. Soon, Show was out of the picture as edge kicked the steel steps into his knees and Cena delivered a diving leg drop bulldog to him.

Edge and Cena continued the match but Show was back again with a side slam to Cena. Back and forth, the match went on and once again Show got into trouble as he got tied up on the ropes from Cena’s shoulder tackle. Cena took advantage of it and focused on Edge to hit an AA but was interfered by Vickie Guerrero which bought Edge some time to recuperate. Edge then went to spear Cena but ended up spearing Vickie. Soon an enraged Show was freed from the ropes by referee and he went on to decimate both Edge and Cena.

In the final part, both Cena and Edge worked together to suplex the Big show and clothesline over the top rope.When Big show was back into the ring, edge was able to put the sleeper hold on him until Cena came and almost gave the AA both Edge and Show at the same time but Edge slipped off and it was Show who got it .He then again delivered one last AA to Edge which had double effect as he landed on Show hard. Cena at last pinned Show to regain the gold.


BREAKING POINT (2009) – Having their rivalry started in 2007, these two met again for another one in 2009 when Orton defended his WWE championship against the game Triple h and John Cena at Night of champions. The match had a controversial ending caused by Orton’s legacy.

However, Cena earned a title shot after he won a beat the clock match on the next night on Raw at WWE Summerslam 2009 which again ended in an unsporting way where Brett Dibiase, the brother of Orton’s legacy member Ted Dibiase  interfered that assisted Orton to deliver the RKO to retain his belt. This controversy was addressed by Mr.Mcmahon on the next night on Raw where he gave Cena another chance for the same in an “ I quit” match at WWE Breaking point 2009.

 So on 13th September 2009, they fought again to  create a match that was and always will be known for its agony and brutality. Starting at the ring, the match soon began to be savagely violent as Orton took it outside the ring and bashed Cena’s skull with a tv monitor. The Sadistic legend killer then utilized the steel steps to dismantle Cena and instructed the referee to ask Cena if he wanted to quit but Cena didn't give up.

An irated Orton went completely merciless when he handcuffed Cena’s arm to the rope and showered him with punches and stomps but Cena again refused to quit. Orton then took it to another level of pain when he handcuffed both cena’s arms and hung him up over the top of the ring post and again assaulted him. Looking Cena passing out, Orton threw a bottle of water on his face. Cena then spat the water on Orton’s face when he was asked if he wanted to quit. This probably made Orton livid the most in the entire match as he took a kendo stick and beat a helpless Cena up numerous times which made Cena cry out in pain.  

In the concluding part of the match, Cena managed to grab the key of the handcuff from Orton by giving him a one armed AA when he missed a chair shot and handcuffed himself with Orton who looked scared to death. Cena then unleashed his fury over Orton, brought him back to the ring where he finally used Orton’s locked arm for the STF. Could not able to deal with the excruciating pain, Orton said I words “I quit” which made Cena a 6 time champion on that night. Although, Cena was man handled the most, but his 'never give up' attitude made it one of his best wwe matches!


UNFORGIVEN, (2006)- At summer slam 2006, the rated R supestar Edge wins the WWE championship from Cena after using a brass knuckle to punch on the back of the head of Cena. The next night on Raw, Edge introduced everybody with his new WWE champion belt with a rolling “R” in place of a rolling “W” that marked the outset of the rated R era according to him.

Later, Cena came out to get a piece of Edge and unleashed his wrath on him and it eventually ended in Edge being thrown by Cena in the long island sound. In the next episode of Raw, Cena proposed Edge to put his title for one more match against him and if he lose the match he would go to Smackdown. The ultimate opportunist surprisingly agreed to the match with  the condition of choosing the venue and type of the match which later was revealed by him that it would be a Tables,ladders and chairs match at Unforgiven.

On 17th September 2006, in the main event of Unforgiven, Cena was about to step into a match he never was a part before. The match began in a regular way with Cena overpowering Edge with shoulder tackles but it didn’t  took a long time to get chairs involved in the match as Edge delivered an inverted DDT on two chairs to Cena.

In the final part of the matchup, when Cena almost grabbed the WWE championship, Lita interceded him by pushing the ladder which mangled Cena as he crashed hard through a table. But despite of all the odds, at the end Cena retaliated with an FU to Edge from a 16 foot high ladder,putting him through two tables and finally unhooked the title to beat the Rated R superstar in his own game for the first time. This matchup was one of the classic, brutal and best wwe matches that every Cena fan must watch!

So, this was the end of this list, consisting 5 best wwe matches of the 'leader of the cenation', John Cena.

And with this, it's time to say goodbye! but do stay tuned with wrestle mma and I will be back with another list of best wwe matches.

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