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It all started after the inception of the brand new pro wrestling promotion company, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) last month. Since its inception, the social media has been flooded with rumors of many WWE superstars heading into it which may hold a strong degree of truth or just be hoax. Now, several names have come up and one of them is none other than "the dead man";"the phenom", The Undertaker!

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Recently Wrestlinginc published an article, shedding light on the fact that Taker has basically erased his affiliations with the WWE from his social media accounts and replaced it with a some other site by which he could take bookings, which apparently indicates his interest for non WWE appearances.

Even WWE hasn't mentioned Taker for a matchup thus far for this year's Wrestle mania, about which Dave Meltzer  has mentioned in the recent edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Moreover, The Undertaker has agreed already for 2 non WWE appearances thus far which will take place in the month of April and May this year. 

The dead man's all set to make his very first non WWE appearance on 28th April of this in Liverpool for the above convention.

And of course! he will be at London, Glasgow and Manchester on the scheduled dates i.e 30th April, 1st May and 2nd May respectively for Inside The Ropes' spoken word events.

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The Bottom Line

However, there's still no official statement regarding the potential departure of the Undertaker from the WWE. There are high chances that Taker may not leave WWE as Vince will definitely make sure he doesn't lose this 'Crown Jewel' of his company!  

 But, there's also All Elite Wrestling (AEW) on the other side, busy strategizing to make their roster a popular one. So targeting WWE's biggest stars, by offering them some really big deals might just work for them and what can be  more bigger than recruiting "the dead man"; to make him join the company, which would be a game changer for sure!  

 Stay tuned with Wrestle MMA for more latest updates!


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