WWE NEWS: Current WWE Superstar got arrested


This piece of latest wwe news unfolds a current WWE superstar who was arrested on Thursday, 14th February, 2019. He, along with his brother have been tag team champions for several times and currently competes on the blue brand. It’s Jimmy Uso! The son of the famous hall of famer, Rikishi was handcuffed due to a drunken altercation with the cops.


Jonathan Fatu (Jimmy Uso) and his wife, WWE diva Naomi were driving wrongly in a one way street near downtown Detroit. Due to this, the police officers chose to pull over their car that was smelling strongly like alcohol.Trinity Fatu (Naomi) was then insisted to come out of the vehicle after which things went wrong. So, when the cops interrogated Naomi, Jimmy Uso was probably pissed off! He then came out of the car, although was instructed to stay inside it.

Jimmy then took off his jacket and went shirtless and allegedly squared up, that seemed like he was ready to fight the officer! Concerning for his safety, the police officer took his Taser out for his own defense. But fortunately things didn’t went out of the line as Jimmy calmed down and obeyed the cops’ commands. Later, he was arrested by the cops for disorderly conduct and obstruction and was taken to jail.It has been reported that afterwards, Jimmy Uso was posted bond.

(Source: TMZ)

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Now, Jimmy Uso along with his twin brother, Jey Uso have schedules for this Sunday in the Elimination Chamber. They are going to take on the newly formed duo of The Miz and Shane McMahon for the Smackdown live tag team championships.

Regarding this matter, WWE has an official statement released :

"Jonathan Fatu is responsible for his own personal actions."

 Later Naomi too, responded to this matter with a tweet:

Now, it is not cleared about how WWE is going to handle this situation. As we know, Elimination Chamber is approaching rapidly and occurring of such criminal matter might affect the match card. So, it will be a suspense till Sunday that whether it will affect the match card of Elimination chamber or not.

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