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Ranking some of the greatest wrestlers of all time on the basis of greatness is tough! These wrestling legends have worked their butts off and made wrestling into a global phenomenon. Each one of those heroes' contribution towards the wrestling industry is invaluable. These people have made so much sacrifices in their lives just for our entertainment. Dealing with injuries, dislocation, wrestling around the world being away from their families,etc are few instances of such sacrifices.

Now, it is obvious that the list of 'the greatest wrestlers of all time' cannot be just 10, right? That's an universal truth. There are so many many great names that would make this list never ending. Like it has been mentioned at the very beginning, ranking these wrestling legends isn't a piece of cake. Nonetheless, Wrestle MMA has come up with the list below, ranking these legends in a descending manner. Also, I would like to apologize to all those other wrestling legends who couldn't make it to this list.

So, let's kick things off, shall we? Alright!


10 greatest wrestlers of all time, wwf wrestlers,wrestling legends
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John Cena, the owner of cenation has grabbed the #10 spot and is definitely a future WWE hall of famer. His contribution to the modern wrestling is immensely appreciated. Cena made his wrestling debut back in 1999, only to join the WWE in 2002. Perhaps, nobody ever thought that this guy would become a top horseman in the WWE. But, you can’t blame the spectators for failing to notice Cena’s potentialities in the first place, why? Well, Cena’s character in the initial days was quite ordinary. He was just like any other rookie, who would be energetic during his debut.

John Cena’s first and final heel run was pretty good and quite rare as well during that time. The doctor of “Thuganomics” had pretty bad reputation during the ruthless aggression era. As a heel, Cena had feuds with some of big names in sports entertainment. Some of the names Cena locked horns with as a vindictive heel includes The Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Lesnar, etc. Those rivalries were great and classic without a shadow of a doubt. Additionally, Cena's hilarious raps made them even more must see!


The year 2005 was a special one for the leader of the Cenation. Cena outmuscled JBL at Wrestle Mania (2005), achieving the WWE Championship for the very first time. Thereafter, he went on to win multiple titles and now, is a 16 time world champion. He also gave some of the history making matches that true wrestling fans can’t forget! Cena is also the first wrestler to grant over 500 wishes to the children with serious illness. He has been termed as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time by some wrestling legends like Kurt Angle and JBL.

The leader of cenation has multiple moves which may not be so impactful, but surely are classic. Talking about his submission (STF), it is definitely agonizing and excruciating enough to win a bout. And lastly, Cena’s last resort for most of his victories, the Attitude Adjustment.To be honest, it isn’t that much powerful of a move, why? I guess most of us have seen numerous times wrestlers kicking out of an AA. But yes, at times, this move could extremely painful. Watch it for yourself below -


10 greatest wrestlers of all time, wwf wrestlers,wrestling legends
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The Rock successfully occupies the #9 position of this list. The "Brahma bull" is one of the most popular WWF Wrestlers (now WWE) in sports entertainment history! He made his professional wrestling debut back in 1996. Although, his character was disliked initially but after debuting as "The Rock" in 1997, became one of the popular ones.

The great one's popularity boosted after he teamed up with his former enemy, Mankind ( Mick Foley) in 1999 to earn the WWF Tag Team Championships. Together, they created many funny skits, one of which was "This is your life" which became tremendously popular. The Rock was also one of the iconic WWF wrestlers (now semi retired) with a decorated professional wrestling career. He is a former Royal Rumble winner (2000) and a 10 time World champion. He also has been a WWE Intercontinental champion and a multiple times Tag team champion.

Now, let's recall some of Rock's greatest WWF/E rivalries. Honestly, every Rock's feuds were memorable and classic. His amazing persona and charisma combine and make stuffs so must see! But, among all of those feuds, The Rock vs Triple h and vs Stone Cold Steve Austin were truly all time best. His rivalries with Chris Jericho was also pretty funny and a complete pack of entertainment. Watch these two 'Mic Champions' exchange insults below-


10 greatest wrestlers of all time, wwf wrestlers,wrestling legends
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"The Italian Strongman", Bruno Sammartino takes the #8 position of this list. He made his wrestling debut in the pure vintage era, in 1959 and won it in just 19 seconds! Late great Bruno mostly worked with the WWF ( WWE) for more than 20 years. His bearhug move was considered one of the most powerful and toughest ones back in the day. Sammartino didn't have many championship victories in his career. Nonetheless, he still made a record of holding the prestigious WWE Title for about 2803 days straight! It's likely to be a record, that may stay unbroken forever in the history of WWE. The Italian born warrior was given the title of "The living legend" for the accolades and passion he had for wrestling in his time. In fact, many WWF wrestlers including the chairman of the company, Mr. McMahon regarded him as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Indeed, He was!


10 greatest wrestlers of all time, wwf wrestlers,wrestling legends
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Our next legend is one of pro wrestling's first highly recognized giants. He came into the wrestling industry at the time when pro wrestling was at its recession period. Regarded as eighth wonder of the world, Andre made his wrestling debut in 1966. In the following years, he fought across the world until 1973, when he finally joined the WWF. The giant's popularity escalated after coming to WWF due to his extra ordinarily large physique and in-ring ability.

The great Andre was the only wrestler to stay undefeated for 15 long years!! His most notable work with the WWF was definitely at Wrestle mania 3, facing the hulk machine, Hulk Hogan. Although, this man couldn't win much championships, but with only 2 championship victories, earned a lot of respect from his fans.

The wrestling industry suffered a great loss due to the giant's demise in 1993. Thereafter, he became the first inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame. The WWE also paid its tribute to the giant by launching the 'Andre the giant memorial battle royal' in 2014. It is been almost 3 decades since this legend's unfortunate expiration, but he will always be one of the greatest wrestlers of all time!


10 greatest wrestlers of all time, wwf wrestlers,wrestling legends
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This man is without any sort of doubt, one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. The heart break kid is truly an iconic superstar, who gave almost 30 years of his life to the professional wrestling. A young HBK began his pro wrestling career in 1984 at National Wrestling Alliance. Finally in 1988, he along with his buddy, veteran Marty Jannetty debuted as "The Rockers" in WWF ( now WWE).

The showstopper won his first ever WWE championship by defeating Brett Hart in 1995. These two legends' rivalry was pretty infamous, especially due to the "Montreal Screw Job". Another great feud of Mr. Wrestle Mania was with the deadman, The Undertaker. Man! who can forget that one?

HBK was one popular star among all WWF wrestlers during 1995 to 96. His legendary career includes a total of 14 championship wins, out of which 4 were world titles. Mr. Wrestle Mania has also some solid records, one of which is that he is the first WWE Grand Slam Champion. Not only that, This man has won consecutive royal rumble matches and also has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame twice! Surely, Micheals is a G.O.A.T.


10 greatest wrestlers of all time, wwf wrestlers,wrestling legends
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Well guys, the "What?" man is here! So, the next wrestling legend joining the list is Stone cold Steve Austin. Austin, popularly known as "The Texas Rattle Snake" began wrestling in 1989. Later, he joined some of the known professional wrestling brands like WCW and ECW. In 1996, he debuted in WWE as 'The Ringmaster' and was made the new Million Dollar champion by Ted Dibiase Sr.

He is one of the most cherish WWE Antiheroes ever. The Rattle Snake's known for his issues with the Mr. McMahon and the authority, his love for beer and of course, his bold attitude and style. Looking at his signature move, the stunner, it definitely is one hell of a move! The most coolest part of this move is certainly that how amazingly it makes someone flip around the mat. Truly a "stunning" maneuver!

Austin was a part of some of infamous, yet great feuds in the history of WWE. His feuds with Mr. McMahon, Triple h and the dead man, The Undertaker respectively were loved the most by fans around the world. During his wrestling career, he won a total of 19 championships and also the 2001 Royal Rumble winner. He was inducted to WWE hall of fame class of 2009 after his unfortunate retirement from in-ring competition in 2003.


10 greatest wrestlers of all time, wwf wrestlers,wrestling legends
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The Hulkster takes the # 4 position of this list. There isn't any doubt about the fact that Hogan was and still an idol to many current professional wrestlers. He is one of the reasons why pro wrestling gained people's attention and became what it is today! Hulk made his wrestling debut way back in 1977 and soon came to the WWF (now WWE). He became a fan favorite character in the vintage era of mid 1980s to early 1990s in WWF.

The founder of hulkamania is also a longest reigning WWF Champion with a record of 1474 days as champion. He was also the first man ever among the WWF wrestlers to win royal rumble matches consecutively and is a total 13 time world champion! (From NJPW, WWF &WCW.) The Hulkster was also a part of many legendary WWF/WWE matches during his wrestling career. One of them was the great ' Andre the giant vs Hulk Hogan' at Wrestle Mania 3. Furthermore, his feuds with Randy Savage and Ric Flair were also very much memorable and classic wrestling matches ever.


10 greatest wrestlers of all time, wwf wrestlers,wrestling legends
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Ooooooo yeah!! It's the "Macho Man" Randy Savage. In the year 1973, this man came into the wrestling business as "The Spider". Initially, Savage was passionate about his baseball career but a shoulder injury shattered his ambitions. Later, The Macho man broke into the World Wrestling Federation (Entertainment) in 1985 and hit the big time there. He was known for his colorful attire, deep and hoarse voice with the combination of power and intensity. He became one of prominent wrestlers in the wrestling business during his WWF run as a heel.

Mr. Madness had a very magnificent wrestling career with a total of 29 championships wins. He was a two time world champion and the 3rd longest reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion. The Macho Man also won the King of the Ring (1987) after defeating Late King King Bundy. There are dozens of classic matches featuring Mr. Madness that no classic wrestling lover wanna miss. Ooooo yeah! The list is long! Nonetheless, I'm going list 'em. His matches with WWF Wrestlers such as Ricky Steamboat, Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Ric Flair, Ted Dibiase Sr, Jake Roberts worth every wrestling fan's time.

After years of being a heel, Randy finally turned into a babyface following his reunion with his former manager, Miss Elizabeth. It was truly an emotional night at Wrestle Mania 7 which made fans weep.


10 greatest wrestlers of all time,wwf wrestlers,wrestling legends
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This next pick again, doesn't needs any elaboration at all for why he's one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. The Undertaker a.k.a "The Phenom" of WWE is one frightening wrestler in the sports entertainment. He made his in ring debut in 1984 in WCCW. The character of "The Undertaker" was born in 1990, when the dead man decided to work with the WWE that year. Taker has been depicted as a possessed man with some sort of supernatural power since the beginning of his WWE run. His entrance is counted as one of the best wwe entrances ever. The phenom's long career has a long list of feuds. Whether it is with HBK, HHH, Kurt Angle, Edge, Batista or the man behind 21 and "1", Brock Lesnar, all of them were awesome! The dead man is a 7 time world champion and has won a total of 17 championships in his whole career.

Undertaker's 2nd character as "the american badass" in 2000 was totally marvellous as well. We, the wrestling fans would be so grateful if we could see him in that gimmick for one last time, wouldn't we?


10 greatest wrestlers of all time,wwf wrestlers,wrestling legends
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With all due respect, all the wrestling legends that were mentioned thus far are the greatest wrestlers of all time! But this next and the last legend has to be on the top of this list. Honestly, The Nature boy's list of accomplishments is so long that you can write a whole book about it. The inventor of the most beloved catch pharse "Wooooo!" made his wrestling debut in 1972. Flair acquired the Nature Boy gimmick after he suffered from a broken neck due to a plane crash in 1975. He spent most of his time wrestling in WCW and Japanese Wrestling promotions. The Nature Boy's WWE tenure was all about wrestling as a veteran legend, after returning in 2001 at age 52.

The WWE recognizes Flair as a 16 time world champion. However, "The son of a gun", Ric claims himself to be a 21 time world champion. To be honest, regardless if it's 16 or 21, both the numbers are magical when it comes to world title wins. Nobody, except John Cena could make it equal to the nature boy's record of World Title wins. Flair was also the first ever WCW Triple Crown Champion and a former Royal Rumble winner. In his 40 years career, this wrestling legend had a ton of matches, some of which were truly historical! Randy Savage, The Undertaker, Harley Race, Ricky Steamboat, HBK , Sting are some of the wrestling legends who had amazing matches with Flair. The Nature Boy has been declared as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time by several well know journalists and legends like Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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