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A look at Conor McGregor Net Worth (2019) - Wrestle MMA

If you are a true MMA fan, then you definitely know who's the "notorious" fighter in the business! Oh yeah, you're damn right because it is Conor "the notorious" McGregor. This is the man, who is arguably the FACE of the UFC and quite honestly, he certainly deserves to be. McGregor is one of the amazing talents that the MMA industry has ever witnessed.The guy's list of attainments is pretty astounding than most of the other top faces in the entire UFC.

Anyways, in this column, I'll be divulging some facts relating to Conor McGregor net worth. And also we'll have a look at how a typical young gun went on to become a top multi- millionaire fighter!
THE EARLY LIFE OF YOUNG CONOR MCGREGORWell, the now multi-millionaire MMA fight Conor surprisingly didn't born with silver spoon in his mouth. According to the famous canadian youtuber Micheal McCrudden, Conor belonged to a middle class family. His parents used to scrape by to fulfill the needs of li…

The 9 UFC Weight Classes - Wrestle MMA

The Ultimate Fighting Championship or The UFC has emerged as the biggest MMA promotional company over the years of its existence. It was able to prevail its competitors in terms of buyrates and viewership. The 26 years old organisation was recently valued at 7 billion dollars after ESPN bought its broadcasting rights.

There were no such hard and strict rules in the early years of UFC as fighters were allowed to battle irrespective of their size. In fact, the promotion used " There are no rules" as its tagline during its inception. The weight classes didn't exist in the company until 1997. The Heavyweight and Lightweight classes were the very first weight classes, that were brought in UFC 12.

Okay now let's have some quick questions, shall we?
What are the different UFC Weight Classes?There are currently 9 UFC Weight Classes in total and they are - Strawweight (115 lb and below)Flyweight (116lb to 125 lb)Bantamweight (126 lb to 135 lb)Featherweight (136 lb to 145 lb)Li…