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conor mcgregor net worth
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If you are a true MMA fan, then you definitely know who's the "notorious" fighter in the business! Oh yeah, you're damn right because it is Conor "the notorious" McGregor. This is the man, who is arguably the FACE of the UFC and quite honestly, he certainly deserves to be. McGregor is one of the amazing talents that the MMA industry has ever witnessed.The guy's list of attainments is pretty astounding than most of the other top faces in the entire UFC.

Anyways, in this column, I'll be divulging some facts relating to Conor McGregor net worth. And also we'll have a look at how a typical young gun went on to become a top multi- millionaire fighter!



Well, the now multi-millionaire MMA fight Conor surprisingly didn't born with silver spoon in his mouth. According to the famous canadian youtuber Micheal McCrudden, Conor belonged to a middle class family. His parents used to scrape by to fulfill the needs of life.

The notorious fighter's initial beloved sport was not fighting. It was football! However this passion couldn't able to last longer as McGregor would later find himself more attracted to the sport that brought him everything he has now.

But before Conor became a professional MMA fighter, he had to go through a rough patch. One of the depressive times in Mcgregor's life was when his family moved from Crumlin to lucas, Dublin. He lost his contacts with his old peers due to the move in, that gradually stressed him out.

To keep himself distracted, Conor used boxing as a stress buster and in which he was turning pretty good at. Eventually, he chose fighting (MMA) as his career after quitting his job as a plumber which he considered it to be distasteful.


Before the Conor McGregor net worth thing, I just quickly want to shed some light on the notorious one's list of accomplishments, because of which he became one of the richest UFC fighters.

After winning his MMA debut match at the tender age of 18, Conor thereafter began to show great potentiality to be a future champion. Looking at this Irish lad's proficiency, the UFC signed McGregor in 2013. He successfully defeated his opponent via solid punches (TKO) in his UFC debut night, that credited his bank account with $60,000! ( "60 Gs baby!!!")

Conor McGregor's two of the biggest career turning points were, one, when he beat Jose Aldo for the UFC Featherweight championship. The second turning point was when he took over the Lightweight title from "the underground king", Eddie Alvarez.

Not only the later fight made him the lightweight champ, but it also fetched him more than $3,000,000 ! Subsequently, Conor's earnings per fight shot up over the years, turning him one of the highest paid UFC fighters with a MMA record of (21-4).


The world's popular MMA fighter, Conor's net worth has primarily came from the huge paychecks that he got from his fights. Besides, he is also an endorser for big brands like Burger King, Budweiser, Monster Energy, Reebok.etc.

Conor McGregor net worth

According to Foxsport, McGregor made a total of $1,390,000 from his fights, bonuses and his sponsors in 2015! Not only that, he also earned from his estimated share of $5 - $6 per PPV buy, making him big millions. ( the share rate is assumed as UFC doesn't discloses its official PPV buyrates and shares.)

As per Forbes, the Irishman made an estimated amount of $20 million to $40 million for the year 2016. Moreover, he managed to become the 85th highest paid athlete in the world in 2016.

Moving on to Conor Mcgregor's earnings in 2017, "The Notorious" fighter didn't step on the octagon for the entire 2017. Instead, he was focusing on his boxing debut against the undefeated Floyd Mayweather. Although, McGregor couldn't get the job done, but still he earned a stupefying amount of $85 million even after losing the fight. (As per Forbes).

Conor McGregor net worth in 2017 was estimated to be a total of $34 million, comprised of his purses ($27 million) and endorsements for the year ($7 million). (as per forbes).

In 2018, McGregor had only a single fight against "the eagle" Khabib Nurmagaomedov at UFC 229. The result of that fight, as we all know, Conor incurred his 4th loss in his MMA career. Nonetheless, the notorious could able to make history again.

According to mmafighting, Conor's payout for UFC 229 was a whooping $3,000,000 ( no bonus) inspite of his loss. That is, by far, THE HIGHEST paid purse ever in the history of MMA. He also received an unknown share in the PPV sales.

Conor McGregor net worth in 2018 was about $99 million which included his salary ($ 85 million) and endorsements income ($14 million). ( As per Forbes). He was also ranked as the 4th highest paid athlete in the world in 2018.

As of now, McGregor's net worth is estimated to be about $110 million. (source:


Yes, the "notorious" is also a budding entrepreneur, apart from his MMA history. He has some other sources of income too, that uplifts his net worth.

McGregor has launched his own whiskey brand, named as 'Proper No. 12' in 2018. The Whiskey is currently available in the US, Australia, United Kingdom and of course, Ireland.

The Irishman has also created a clothing line along with the top designer, David August Heil. The brand is popularly known as 'August McGregor clothing line'. It was officially launched in 2018.

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