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What is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is a type of combat sport, which is a combination of karate and boxing. It was first started in Japan in the 1950s, to become one of the most popular martial arts in the world. Kickboxing was a part of the World Games 2017 as an invitational event.

The rules of this martial art vary as there are many organisations that govern it. Clinching, knees and elbows and kicks below the waist are the aspects, where the rules differ the most. Some organisations allow them while some don't. The primary moves are the kicks and punches and criteria to win a fight are either Knockout or by decision.

There is a form of kickboxing, which is called cardio kickboxing. It is a different concept as it focuses more on your cardiovascular and overall health than preparing you for professional kickboxing.

What does Kickboxing do to your body?

Kickboxing does a lot of positive things to your body. The most known benefit is that you lose weight. If you are devoted to it, even a few minutes of kickboxing session/workout help you lose a good amount of calories. But hold on! Burning calories isn't the only benefit that you can gain from this martial art.

Here's the list of benefits of kickboxing :-

1. Increases stamina and muscle endurance

Stamina tends to increase when you're seriously involved in kickboxing. In a typical session or workout, you frequently throw punches and kicks on a punching bag, which requires great endurance. Gradually, your body starts adapting to it, by building more stamina, raising the energy levels and increasing your muscle endurance.

2. Flexibility

You are required to perform various warm up exercises and stretches before doing kickboxing. These promote flexibility and upon executing various types of kicks and punches in your workout or session, your flexibility level touches the sky.

3. Rewards a good shape

Kickboxing is a great option to get a good body shape. It is a vigorous and intense full-body workout. That's why you burn a considerable amount of calories doing it. Also, your core muscles are stressed each time you go for a kickboxing session. In simple terms, kickboxing workout/ training positively affects your major muscles in the body to give you better body shape.

4. Good stress reliever

I'm pretty sure that at least once in your life, you've hit something with full strength because you were mad at something. And that's what kickboxing allows you to do so. Frequent punching and kicking help you to release your stress, which all of us get in this busy and hectic world.
How to get started with kickboxing?

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Deciding the type of kickboxing

As I've told you before, there are two kinds of kickboxing. So it becomes essentially important for you to choose which type you want to go with. By doing that, it will be easy for you to gather more relevant information regarding the same. For instance, if your main purpose of taking up kickboxing is to stay fit and lose weight, then you should go for cardio kickboxing classes instead of professional fighting classes.

Finding the right place to learn

After determining the type, you will have two options to learn kickboxing and those are, you either learn it by yourself with online videos and books or else join a class. Honestly, both options have their pros and cons, but in my opinion, joining a kickboxing class is a better call. Why? It's because you will have a coach to guide you, have access to the necessary equipment and infrastructure, that increases the chances to reach your full potential.

Now, to find the ideal place that doesn't hurt your wallet, you can begin by asking your friends if anybody has anything to share with you or else the internet is your best friend!

Preparations before your first class

So after you're done with selecting the type and place, next comes an important and crucial task, and that is to prepare yourself for the upcoming K.B classes. This will help you in boosting your confidence for the same. Alright, now take a look at the key points to get yourself ready.

  • Firstly, take good care of your diet. It is necessary to provide your body with the major nutrients such as carbohydrates, Fats, Protein, vitamins, etc to train or workout well. Therefore, you should make sure that you're not compromising on this aspect by creating a proper diet plan. Although, there is the internet but consulting your physician and taking his assistance to make your diet plan is recommended, especially when you have certain health condition or issues.

  • You can't get started with any sport/ workout without the gear. Your gear requirement will vary on the type of kickboxing, you've chosen. For instance, Cardio kickboxing can be done with just a pair of sports shoes and light outfit. Whereas, regular kickboxing needs much more equipment such as gloves, pads, guards, etc to begin with. You should contact your kickboxing class regarding the gear requirement, so as to avoid unnecessary purchase of anything, that you don't need right now. 

  • Warming up yourself is a great idea. Kickboxing is a vigorous activity as I've mentioned before, that requires frequent movements of your hands and legs. Thus, warm up exercises will reduce the chances of occurring any cramp or injury.

Tips to follow in your first class

Most kickboxing beginners wonder how their first class is going to be and how they can make the most out of it.

Well, there is no need to stress yourself about the class, because you'll choose or have chosen the best place for yourself, after conducting thorough research. So believe in your choice and expect nothing but a nice coach and a healthy environment on your very first day.

Now, if you want to make the most out of your first class, then just follow these simple tips below:-

1. Ask your queries, if you got any

Do not hide anything inside you, even if you're an introvert. If you didn't get any part of the basics explained to you, feel free to ask your coach to help you out. But, that does not mean you will shower him/ her with questions every single time. You don't want to irritate your coach. So, be attentive and even then you didn't get something, just ask him/ her in a polite manner.

2. Try to get an overview of the basics beforehand

This is a wise way to avoid petty doubts during the first class. Your first kickboxing class will start from scratch, will be all about the basics. So if you are aware of the basics, you can understand them even better when they are demonstrated to you.

3. Don't be shy or stressed

There is nothing to feel shy or be stressed in your first class. It is super normal to make mistakes while you are asked to perform the basics by your coach. Remember, you're just a beginner and not a pro. Don't let your age, shape, weight, etc deter you from doing what you have passion for. Focus only on your goal and make your expectations come true.

4. Stay hydrated

Like any other workout or sport, Kickboxing will make you sweat you a lot. So always keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. But NEVER immediately drink water before or after a class.

And that's all!

I hope this helps you to make a better decision. All the best!

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