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strongest wwe wrestlers

You must have wondered or got into a discussion regarding 'who is the strongest wrestler in history?' It is a really big debate worthy topic for the pro wrestling fans as everyone has got different picks.

This is why I've come up with this list of strongest WWE wrestlers in the history of Pro-Wrestling. All the wrestlers have been ranked on the basis of their moves and their lifting ability inside the wrestling ring.

So let's go!

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30. Triple H

The leader of Evolution, Triple H has always been looked as a strong guy inside the ring. The game was able to manhandle most of his rivals with his masculine physique. His levels of stamina, endurance and resiliency really worth appreciation. That is why he could able to create a legacy of his own, that will live for ages.

Even today, he can easily wrestle well than most of the current wrestlers. Moves like delayed verticle Suplex, High knee and spine buster from the game are pretty much intense. His finisher, pedigree is emphatic, that took out behemoths like Big Show, Khali and even the Undertaker.

29. Ryback

strongest wwe wrestlers

The former 'Big guy' of WWE is evidently a jacked-up powerhouse. Ryback was a part of the first season of NXT. He debuted on Raw along with the devasting group of 8, known as the Nexus in 2010.

Talking about his wrestling moves, The big guy could easily lift anybody up for executing his awesome moves. But, some of the moves like Powerbomb, Military press power slam and meat hook exhibit the raw strength of his man.

Ryback's finisher, the shell shock is again one difficult of a move, as one needs to carry a full-grown man on his shoulders for a couple of seconds. But it isn't tough for the big guy as he has carried massive individuals on his shoulders like Khali, Kane, Tensai, Big show and more.

28. Umaga

strongest wwe wrestlers

The "Samoan Bulldozer", Umaga was a huge threat to his opponents during his active years of wrestling. He was much quicker and athletic than other guys of his size. He has dominated huge wrestlers like Kane, Viscera, Bobby Lashley and Khali. There may never be another Umaga in pro-wrestling, who can wrestle with the same agility and strength as the Samoan Bulldozer. It is very unfortunate that Umaga passed away at the age of just 36 years.

27. Rusev

strongest wwe wrestlers

Alexander Rusev has always been one of the toughest guys inside the squared circle since day one. He would destroy anybody, they put in front of him at the very beginning of his WWE career in 2014. He is the first Bulgarian WWE wrestler, who has been 3 times US champion thus far in the World Wrestling Entertainment.

As a 300 pounder guy, Rusev is very athletic and agile in all of his matches. Besides that, he also has the 'strength' factor in him. Rusev has done difficult moves like the Alabama slam on guys like Cena and Ryback, Swinging side slam on Cesaro, bulplexing Roman Reigns and superplexing the big show! Seriously I've no doubts on why this man is known as "The Bulgarian Brute".

26. Cesaro

strongest wwe wrestlers

Our next strongest wrestler needs no clarification at all. Cesaro is one of the strongest wrestlers, who debuted in the WWE in 2012. He has been named as the 'Swiss Superman' for his power and agility inside the squared circle.

You will barely find any match of Cesaro, where he didn't dominate his opponent. He earned all his championships with pure strength. At Wrestlemania 30, The Swiss Superman outpowered the Big Show, lifting him up to finally eliminate him and won the battle royal. Not only just Big Show, but Cesaro has also performed his signature move (neutralizer) to then 400 plus pounds giant, The Great Khali!

25. Big E

strongest wwe wrestlers

The New day member, Big E is one of the strongest wrestlers in today's pro- wrestling. He is a former powerlifter, who had a good powerlifting career. He also broke records in the super heavyweight division of powerlifting, becoming a top heavyweight in 2010 to 2011. Arriving in the WWE in 2012, Big E continued to be a powerhouse and still is.

He has effortlessly delivered strong moves like Belly to Belly suplex to most of his opponents, throwing them to an amazing height! There is no doubt that Big E's finishing manoeuvre, 'The Big Ending' demands tremendous strength to execute. He has surprised us many times by performing his finisher to sturdy guys like Mark Hendy, Kane and Ryback.

24. Roman Reigns

strongest wwe wrestlers

Roman Reigns or should I say, "The Big Dog" has apparently established his legacy in the professional wrestling industry. But apart from that, he has also set his image as a powerful wrestler since his debut. Reigns was the strongest member of the shield and so is his spear. In his wrestling career in WWE, The big dog has lifted several heavy wrestlers like Kane, Braun Strowman, Mark Henry, Rusev, Big show and many more for a samoan drop. That is a pretty good demonstration of power, that this Samoan warrior has.

23. The Undertaker

strongest wwe wrestlers

The Undertaker is definitely one of the biggest legends of professional wrestling. But apart from that, he is also a toughest one as well. Deadman's wrestling career is almost 30 years long. In those years, Taker has annihilated many opponents with absolute strength. His powerbomb, 'The Last Ride' and the ending manoeuver, 'Tombstone Piledriver' aren't just unique but also driven solely by strength.

22. Batista

strongest wwe wrestlers

The Animal, Dave Batista was one of the strongest wrestlers of WWE's Attitude Era. I'm sure most of the wrestling fans (including me) wished to have a physique like the animal. He was a bodybuilder prior to coming into the professional wrestling industry.

All of his wrestling manoeuvres come with great intensity and force, that can be impactful to even huge individuals over 400 pounds. Batista has also powerbombed heavy guys like Umaga and Kane, who both used to weight close to 350 lbs back in the day. We can only imagine how strong one could be to carry out a powerbomb on those big dudes.

21. Bobby Lashley

strongest wwe wrestlers

The next superstar joining the list is "The Almighty" Bobby Lashley. He is not only a strong wrestler but also has been a tough MMA fighter with a record of 15-2. Lashley came into the WWE in 2005 and then started to outmuscle his opponents inside the ring with his amazing athletism and raw power. He has won the heavyweight championship of different MMA promotions during his mixed martial arts career. In his pro-wrestling career, Lashley has power slammed gigantic wrestlers like Braun Strawman and the Big Show, tossed them like regular wrestlers.

20. Sheamus

strongest wwe wrestlers

The Celtic Warrior, Sheamus is evidently a strong wrestler, who loves to fight with his super strength. We have witnessed his power and tenacity in the ring, ever since his WWE debut in 2009.

His wrestling moves such as Irish curse backbreaker, Powerslam and brogue kick are very much devastating and impactful on his competitors. One of the most powerful moments of Sheamus was when he carried out the white noise move on the big show at Survivor Series 2012. So you can surely imagine the level of power this Irish fellow possesses, to be able to carry and hold a 400 plus pounds giant!

19. John Cena

strongest wwe wrestlers

This is again an obvious name that will always exist in the book of strongest wrestlers in the history of pro-wrestling. Often referred to as the greatest of all time, Cena is truly the definition of 'being strong'.

There isn't a man left, whom he didn't deliver the attitude adjustment, back then at his prime. He was always a huge stud, who used to be too vibrant than his opponents. He could always perform his finisher to all of his competitors, even to giants like Khali and Big Show. Cena was the first the wrestler to actually lift the great Khali on his shoulders for the Attitude Adjustment and to defeat him in a singles matchup.

He demonstrated his raw strength at Wrestlemania 25 when he lifted both Edge and Big Show simultaneously for his signature move. That was seriously a big record in wrestling history that may never get broken.

18. British Bulldog

strongest wwe wrestlers

The British Bulldog, Davey boy Smith was majorly known for his large arms and his jacked-up physique. Coming from far away, from United Kingdom, he joined the WWF in 1984 after competing at New Japan Pro Wrestling. Smith was also remembered for his association with Owen Hart and The New Hart Foundation. His moves mostly consisted of different types slams and drops such as Bodyslam, running power slam, military press slam, electric chair drop, etc. Looking at British Bulldog's moves, I must say that he surely knew how to channelize his strength for executing those hard maneuvers.

17. Big Van Vader

strongest wwe wrestlers

"The man they called" Vader was a legendary wrestler from the late '80s and 90's. Weighted at 450 lbs, Big van Vader was one of the successful and popular heavyweight wrestlers. He has held World Championship, United States Championship and Tag-Team Championship throughout his career. Vader has wrestled for a dozen of wrestling promotions during his almost 30 years of wrestling career. Inside the ring, Vader was a combination of strength and athleticism. He could even perform moves like Moonsault and Dropkick with that bulky physique! Surely, he was one of a kind.

16. Eric Rowan

strongest wwe wrestlers

The big Eric Rowan also holds a spot when you talk about strongest wrestlers. The one-third of the old Wyatt Family has definitely been a huge roadblock for his opponents due to his unstoppable power. The former Tag Team champion has great athleticism and ability to perform some of the amazing moves. Rowan has never shown any grimace while bodyslamming Big Show and Kane. He also delivered the vicious fallaway slam to 250lbs plus guys like Cena and Cesaro like they were rag dolls. This clearly shows how powerful of man, Eric Rowan really is!

15. The Great Khali

strongest wwe wrestlers

The Great Khali or the "Punjabi Nightmare" was a fearsome man during his WWE debut in 2006. He is even bigger than the world's largest athlete, the Big Show. This alone validates the fact that he is one of the strongest wrestlers ever to step foot in a wrestling ring. As a 7 foot 1-inch behemoth, Khali has overpowered superstars such as Batista, John Cena, Kane, Triple H and The Undertaker, which seemed pretty much effortless of a job for him.

14. Ezekiel Jackson

Do you remember this man? He was the personification of domination, Ezekiel Jackson. Those big arms and strong legs made Jackson a complete powerhouse. Although his wrestling career was short, his ability to destroy his opponents made him a notable, strong wrestler.

His submission move, "the torture rack" was pretty hard as one needs to lift up his opponent and exert a great amount of force to execute it. Nonetheless, Ezekiel has performed that move on the giant, the great Khali without any difficulty.

13. Hulk Hogan

strongest wwe wrestlers

The creator of "Hulkamania", Hulk Hogan is a true icon of professional wrestling. He debuted back in 1977 as a big stud with a well-built physique. The power and resiliency of "The Hulkster" have amazed a lot of his fans from around the globe. Hogan has fought many bulky and heavy wrestlers like Randy Savage, Iron Sheik, The Ultimate Warrior, etc. But, he did the unthinkable job of power slamming 500 pounder Andre the giant at Wrestle Mania 3.

12. Scott Steiner

strongest wwe wrestlers

Scott a.k.a “Big Poppa Pump”, has been one of the intimidating wrestlers ever to step foot in the squared circle. He also has those crazy massive arms, that supply enormous amount of strength for utter domination. Steiner was an absolute powerhouse back in the late ’90s and early 2000’s who had manhandle big studs like Hulk Hogan and Sycho Sid. Not only that, but Big poppa pump has even suplexed the big show, that can’t be done by everyone!

11.Sycho Sid

strongest wwe wrestlers

Sycho Sid is again one of the veteran wrestling legends, who has the strength factor in him. Debuted in the late '80s, Sycho Sid was able to climb up to the top and had success in his long career.

He has been multiple times world heavyweight champion and had competed at famous promotions such as WCW, WWF and ECW. Talking about how strong was Sid Vicious in his prime, well this man is all about power and destruction.

Sid's wrestling moves like gorilla press drop, various suplexes and his powerbomb have shown his toughness and raw power that he had back in the 90s. He had easily power bombed Huge Kevin Nash and JBL and suplexed Scott Steiner without any fatique!

10. Kane

strongest wwe wrestlers

The "Big red monster", Kane is known for his Large physique and excellent athletism when he made his debut in the attitude era of WWF (1997). He has dismantled numerous opponents in his illustrious wrestling career of 20 years. Whether Chockslamming Mark Henry, Powerslamming Big Show or delivering the tombstone pilediver to Triple h, Kane has nailed all of them. In short, utmost Strength is what that drives this 323 pounds monster to unleash havoc on his opponents.

9.Braun Strowman

strongest wwe wrestlers

"The monster among men", Braun Strowman has emerged as the new prominent giant of the WWE today. It is a clear fact that Strowman is a legitimately a strong wrestler, even in real life. He won the 2012 Arnold Amateur Strongman Championship, holding position no. 1. The legendary veteran wrestlers like The Big Show, Mark Hendry and Kane have passed the torch to this evolving behemoth. Strowman has exhibited his strength on many occasions like power slamming the world's largest athlete, the big show and taking out other heavyweights such as Kane, Mark Hendry, Rhyno, etc without much struggle.

8. The Ultimate Warrior

strongest wwe wrestlers

Yet another legend of pro-wrestling joining the list is the late, great Ultimate Warrior. He was really one of a kind, who would always be super active and ready to face off anybody, by running straight towards the ring. Warrior was into bodybuilding before making his debut in the pro-wrestling. During his best years in WWF, The Ultimate Warrior proved that he had that freakish strength in him by bodyslamming Andre The Giant, The Undertaker and gorilla pressing Hulk Hogan.

7. Kevin Nash

strongest wwe wrestlers

"The big sexy" of the '90s World Wrestling Federation (WWE), Kevin can't be left out when it comes to ranking the strongest wrestlers of all time. Nash debuted in the WWF with the name "Diesel" in 1993.

He was able to get the mass attention pretty instantly due to his huge physique and power. His finishing manoeuvre (Jackknife powerbomb) is one of the best powerbombs in pro-wrestling history. Not just his finisher, but almost all of Big Sexy's moves are very impactful but demand a lot of strength to be able to perform them.

No move was impossible for Nash to carry out, especially when he was in his prime. He has even powerbombed the Big Show without any external assistance, which is literally unbelievable! That definitely showed how powerful of a wrestler Kevin was back in the day.

6. Lex Luger

strongest wwe wrestlers

Here comes another vintage, powerhouse of a superstar, Lex Luger. This man used to be one of the powerful wrestlers of the early 1990s. Luger played soccer as an offensive lineman until 1985, when he finally took wrestling as his career. The former WCW Heavyweight Champion has performed his most painful move, "The Torture Rack" on gigantic wrestlers like Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan pretty easily. Lex Luger was also the first wrestler to bodyslam Yokozuna, who weighed almost 600lbs!

5. Andre The Giant

strongest wwe wrestlers
Andre is the notable giant in the entire wrestling industry. He was often referred to as "the eighth wonder of the world" due to his tremendously large structure. He was the most strongest one among all others in the vintage era of wrestling. The Giant has also one of the longest undefeated streaks of 15 long years! Inside a squared circle, he was an unstoppable monster, who had overpowered heavyweights such as Hulk Hogan, Antonio Inoki, The Ultimate Warrior and more.

4. Big Show

strongest wwe wrestlers

The Big Show is definitely one of the biggest and Strongest giants in the history of professional wrestling. He has actually become a benchmark, by which you can figure out how strong your favourite wrestlers are! Nobody can keep the world's largest athlete down for long. Also, there isn't any opponent left, that the big show didn't manhandle while he was on the roster. His massive fist is not much different than a hammer, that can destructure anybody's face.

3. Mark Henry

strongest wwe wrestlers

The next person who's entering the list is none other than WWE's strongest man, Mark Henry. He has always been known as the strongest man in professional wrestling history because he is truly is one. He has been a successful powerlifter and weightlifter before his wrestling career began.

He has won the World Drug-Free Powerlifting Federation world championship back in 1995. Not only that, but Mark has also won the United States National Weightlifting Champion three times.

His ending manoeuvre, the 'world's strongest slam' is again a devastating one, that requires an incredible amount of energy to lift up gigantic men like Big show, Kane and the Great Khali. He could also easily catch many of his opponents from the mid-air to slam them in the ring.

2. Goldberg

strongest wwe wrestlers

Bill Goldberg was the strongest wrestler in WCW during the late 1990s. The man had a great career with several championships wins. Almost every pro-wrestling fan knows how powerful Bill Goldberg is when it comes to wrestling. At WCW, Goldberg had gorilla pressed the 275 pounder, Scott Steiner multiple times, making him seemed like a lightweight. Also, he has power slammed heavy wrestlers such as Mark Henry and The Big Show, which was incredible! But the most unbelievable thing done by this super athlete was lifting the Big Show for the Jackhammer, at WCW!

1. Brock Lesnar

strongest wwe wrestlers

Finally, here comes the pain, Brock Lesnar. I've never a wrestler like the beast, who just never stops to outmuscle his competitors. He is known for his strength, stamina, agility and brutality, both in WWE and UFC. Be it be The Big Show, Undertaker, Kane, Mark Henry, Rikishi, Tensai or anybody else, Brock never showed any sort of struggle to lift them up.

Now I respect the fact that Mark Henry has accomplished a lot in his powerlifting and weightlifting career to earn the title of "world's strongest man".

But, being less bulkier than Mark, Brock Lesnar can equally man-handle sturdy guys including Henry! He is also much faster than any other guys inside the squared circle. This is why Brock Lesnar is likely to be the strongest wrestler in the WWE and entire pro-wrestling industry.

And that's all!


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