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Velveteen Dream Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Age and more - Wrestle MMA

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Who is Velveteen Dream?

Velveteen Dream is a WWE wrestler, who presently wrestles at WWE's NXT brand. He is an emerging pro-wrestler, who started his wrestling career at just 19 years of age.

Where was he born?

Velveteen Dream was born in Washington, D.C, USA.

What's Velveteen Dream's real name?

His real name is Patrick Clark Jr.

What is Velveteen Dream's age?

Velveteen's age is 24 years as of now. (Born: August 19th, 1995)

What is Velveteen Dream's Height?

Velveteen's Height is 6 Feet 2 Inches. (6'2"; 1.88 meter) 

How much does he weigh?

His weight is about 227 lb. (102 kg)

Is Velveteen Dream married?

No, Velveteen Dream isn't married yet.

Is Velveteen Dream a Gay or Straight?

No, Velveteen Dream is not Gay. He is straight.

Who is Velveteen Dream's girlfriend?

Velveteen Dream could be single as of now, after breaking up with his (rumoured) ex-girlfriend, Cathy Kelley.

Is he on any social platforms?

Yes, Velveteen Dream is on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

What's Velveteen Dream's Finisher?

Purple Rainmaker.

Top Wrestling Moves of The Velveteen Dream

  • Diving Crossbody
  • Swinging Neckbreaker
  • Slingshot Plancha
  • Pop-up Dropkick
  • Verticle Suplex
  • Famouser
  • Double Axe Handle
  • Springboard Tope Con Hilo
  • Spinbuster
  • Superkick
  • Death Valley Driver
  • Dream Valley Driver
  • Dream DDT
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    Velveteen Dream is a professional wrestler from Washington, D.C of the United States. He was determined to be a wrestler as an 18-year-old when he started training in June 2014.

    Dream finally began his career by making his debut at the Maryland Championship Wrestling on October 3rd, 2014. His ring name at MCW was "Rick Powers."

    Velveteen's most notable time at MCW was when he won the Tag Team Championship along with partner, Lio Rush.

    The year 2015 was the turning point of Dream's career. He was one of the 40 contestants, who were selected for the 6th season of WWE Tough Enough (2015).

    He had a pretty good journey at the show by winning the hearts of many. So much so, he was even deemed to be the winner (by many) of that season. 

    But shockingly, Dream got eliminated in the fifth episode of the competition. Later, WWE signed him in October 2015 and kept his real name (Patrick Clark) as the ring name.

    Velveteen (as Patrick Clark) made his NXT television debut in July of 2016. He faced Austin Aries in his debut match but was defeated.

    In October 2016, Dream had a very short-lived dispute with then NXT Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura. It Began when Velveteen interrupted Nakamura in a segment where the NXT champion was calling out his then rival, Samoan Joe.

    The segment ended with Velveteen being knocked-out cold by 'The King of Strong Style'.  

    Eventually, Dream re-debuted with an extraordinary gimmick, by transforming from Patrick Clark to "The Velveteen Dream" on 24th May 2017.


    He had his first feud with Aleister Black in September 2017, where Dream desperately wanted to make him say his name. Velveteen then went on to interrupt and distract Aleister black multiple times during his matches.

    Nonetheless, a firm Aleister chose not to acknowledge him despite the actions until he was attacked viciously by Dream. This ultimately led to a match between the two at NXT Take Over War Games.

    In their epic match, Velveteen lost to Aleister Black after pushing him to the limit. But surprisingly, Aleister did say the name " Velveteen Dream" at the end of the bout. 

    Their match turned out to be a huge success and was awarded as the Best Rivalry of the year (2017).   

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    Velveteen finally hit the big time on the February 20th, 2019 episode of NXT, when he won the NXT North American Championship from Johnny Gargano.

    In September 2019, Dream was dethroned by Roderick Strong, putting an end to his 209 days as champion. Nonetheless, Velveteen is the longest-reigning NXT North American Champion today!    


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