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Who is John Morrison?

John Morrison is a WWE wrestler who currently competes on Smackdown Live. He made his pro-wrestling debut in 2002 and has wrestled across the globe, in multiple wrestling promotions. 

What's his real name/birth name?

John Morrison's real name is John Randall Hennigan.

Is John Morrison married?

Yes, Morrison married his girlfriend on June 1st, 2018.

Who is his wife?

John Morrison's wife is Taya Valkyrie.

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What is his height?

John Morrison's height is 6 feet. (6' 0" in feet; 1.85 in meters)

How old is John Morrison?

His age is 40 years. (Born on 3rd October 1979)

What's his net worth?

$1.5 Million. (according to

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One of the co-winners of Tough Enough III (2002), Morrison started his pro-wrestling career at Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). Since then, he went on to wrestle for the WWE for almost a decade. 

From winning championships and having vicious rivals at WWE to exploring the Indies, John Morrison's career has been one helluva adventure!

Interesting facts that you need to know about John Morrison

  • Prior to taking up wrestling as his career, John Morrison was a regular guy, who went to study film and geology at the University of California, Davis.  
  • His very first WWE match took place long back at Vengeance 2003, where he competed in APA's Invitational Bar Room Brawl match.
  • His Ring name/Nickname was changed twice ( Johnny Blaze, Johnny Spade) before sticking to "Johnny Nitro" name in March 2004.  

  • Morrison is also a traceur, who is good at parkours.
  • He is the third-longest Impact Wrestling World champion in history with a record of 198 days as champion. 
  • Besides wrestling, John is an actor as well, who has worked in many movies and popular TV series like 'Shameless'; 'The last ship'; 'Bajillion Dollar Propertie$', etc.
  • He was trained by wrestling veterans such as Bill DeMott, Al Snow and Hall of Famer Ivory. 
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World Wrestling Entertainment

(Active years: March 1st, 2004 - November 28th, 2011; September 2019 - present)

Morrison made his first Monday Night Raw appearance in March 2004 and his ring name was eventually decided to be 'Johnny Nitro' as mentioned earlier.

The then 24-year Johnny Nitro was given the gimmick of an apprentice and as well as an assistant for then Raw general manager, Eric Bischoff.

However, Nitro could hold on to that gimmick for only 3 months as he was sent back to OVW in June 2004. 

In order to bring that into play, Johnny Nitro was involved in a storyline where he lost a match against Eugene. The match came with a stipulation in which Nitro's job was on the line and would lose it if he's defeated.

1st Tag Team with Joey Mercury & Melina

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At Ohio Valley Wrestling, Johnny Nitro met his two buddies who were, Melina (centerand Joey Mercury (rightwho would put together to form the trio 'MNM'. The group turned out to be a successful one, winning the WWE Tag-Team Championships in their debut match in April 2005.

Within a year, the team would able to grab the tag team belts 3 times, before breaking up after losing their gold to Paul London and Brian Kendrick at Judgement Day 2006.

A Year after in June 2007, Nitro made his ECW debut where his name was later changed to "John Morrison."

2nd Tag Team with The Miz

john morrison biography, height age,john morrison wife, johnny impact wife,
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In November 16th 2007 episode of Smackdown, John Morrison would surprisingly team up with one of his then- foes, The Miz to face the "Dysfunctional Team" of MVP and Matt Hardy for the World Tag Team Championship.

The matchup ended in favour of Morrison and Miz, that marked John's 4th WWE Tag Team Championship win.

Following year, the duo would also able to capture the World Tag Team Championship from CM Punk and Kofi Kingston in 2008.

In the same year, they also won the Slammy Awards for 'Best Tag Team of the year' and 'Best exclusive' (for the Dirt Sheet)

However, the group was disbanded after The Miz heinously attacked Morrison, when he was drafted to Raw in April 2009.

Singles championship wins

john morrison biography, height age,john morrison wife, johnny impact wife,
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John Morrison's first singles championship win came out at Vengeance 2006 when he beat Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental championship.

He held the title for about 4 months before it was won by Jeff Hardy in October 2006. Interestingly, John could able to gain his gold back a month later from Hardy! 

Apart from that, "The Guru of Greatness" is also a 1-time ECW Champion after prevailing CM Punk for the vacated title in 2007. Overall, he held it for about 67 days.

John Morrison had his third and last Intercontinental championship reign in September 2009 as a face, after beating "The Master of 619", Rey Mysterio.  

The final two years (2010-11) of Morrison's career in WWE was quite dull and ungainful as he lost most of his matches. Nonetheless, he still had the support of his fans due to his unbeatable athletism!

In his last fight, Morrison was defeated by The Miz in a falls count anywhere match. 

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Post WWE Departure

John started competing for several independent wrestling promotions three months after his leave from WWE in February 2012. 

There, he had many championship reigns and wrestled many familiar faces such as Shelton Benjamin, Rey Mysterio, Carlito, Drew McIntyre and more. 

Furthermore, Morrison was signed by Lucha Underground (2014-2019) and Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide (2015-2018) as Johnny Mundo.

john morrison biography, height age,john morrison wife, johnny impact wife,
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In August 2017, John Morrison made his in-ring debut at Impact Wrestling with the ring name 'Johnny Impact'.

He had the greatest success there when he won the Impact wrestling world championship (Oct 2018) and turned out to be one of the longest-reigning champions in 7 years.
He stayed with the promotion until mid of 2019, prior to re-signing with the WWE again. 

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