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Who is Humberto Carrillo?

Humberto Carrillo is a WWE wrestler from Monterrey, Mexico, who presently competes at Monday Night Raw. 

He made his pro-wrestling debut in his home country in 2012 and has been both singles and tag team champion there. 

What is his real name?

His real name is Humberto Solano Carrillo. 

What is his age?

He is 24 years old. (Born - October 20th, 1995)

What's Humberto Carrillo's height?

His height is 6 feet 1 inch. (6' 1" in feet; 1.85 m in meter)

What is his weight?

His weight is about 198 lb or 90 kgs.

Is Humberto Carrillo married?

Yes, he got married to his girlfriend on July 27th, 2019.

Who is Humberto Carrillo's wife?

Is he related to Angel Garza?

Yes, he is Angel Garza's real-life cousin. They are the grandsons of their grandfather, Humberto Garza.


Humberto Carrillo is a third-generation wrestler, who has originated from a family that has a deep connection with pro-wrestling.

Commencing his journey to be a wrestler, Carrillo made his debut on December 16th, 2012 as "Último Ninja" and stood victorious in a tag team bout. He was just 17 years old back then!

Ultimo Ninja (masked guy)

Since then, Carrillo (as Ultimo Ninja) continued to thrive his résumé, by competing in a ton of promotions, mostly in Mexico and a few others in Japan and The United States. 

Humberto had his last match with his "Ultimo Ninja" gimmick at his birthplace in Monterrey, Mexico on 22nd July 2018, just a month before joining WWE.

WWE ( 2018 - present)

After being done wrestling at the above places, Carrillo joined the World Wrestling Entertainment in August 2018. He lost his first match against Jaxson Ryker on the September 19th edition of NXT.

A month later, in October 2018, Humberto officially got signed by the company along with many new faces, including Chelsia Green and Mia Yim. Carrillo, however, wasn't given any separate ring name, even to this date. 

The outset of this young lad's journey at the promotion didn't prove to be prodigious as he lost the first three matches straight. (1st match at NXT TV show & rest at house shows) 

In late 2018, Humberto teamed up with Raul Mendoza and the duo would then had dozens of matches till April of 2019. However, they mostly failed to pull off a victory, despite their amazing in-ring abilities. 

Concurrently, Carrillo also joined WWE 205 Live in January 2019, responding to then-champion, Buddy Murphy's open challenge for his Cruiserweight championship. However, he lost the matchup after pushing Murphy to the limit.

Humberto beat Zack Gibson in Day 2 of WWE Worlds Collide 2019, making it his first big victory in the company.

Since then, he improved a lot inside the squared-circle, defeating many of his competitions, including former champions like Riddick Mosse and Drew Gulak, at both NXT and 205 live.

But the biggest turning point of Carrillo's career occurred in October 2019, when he was drafted to Raw, where he's currently competing at.

At Raw, his fate has changed tremendously as he got a deserving push from WWE. He almost beat Seth Rollins in his debut match with his super athletism.

Less than two weeks later, Humberto won the 2019 Crown Jewel Battle Royal, where he advanced to face AJ Styles for the US Championship, but was unsuccessful.

Carrillo has beaten Richochet and Andrade, which by far, are the notable wins of his career in the red brand.

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