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Dana White - Check out his Biography, Wife's bio, Net Worth, Height, more - Wrestle MMA

Who is Dana White?Dana White is the present president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), a promotion that was valued at more than $7 billion lately. He is known name among others in the MMA industry and its fans across the globe. 

Dana's efforts in building the UFC's reputation and popularity have been applauded many times in the past. He even received awards for his leadership in the field of Mixed Martial Art sport.  What's his height?Dana's height is 5 feet 11 inches. (1.8 meters) What is his age?Dana White's age is 50 years old. (Born- 28th July 1969)  What is his weight?Dana's weight is 194 lbs or 88 kgs.

Who is Dana White's wife?His wife's name is Anne White. Her birth name before marriage was Anne Louise Stella. The couple met for the first time when they both were eighth-graders. (look at the image above of Anne White with Dana)
The friendship ultimately led to their wedding that took place in 1996. However, for some reason, Dana is a very p…