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Dana White, Dana white ufc, Dana White net worth, Dana White height, age, weight
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Who is Dana White?

Dana White is the present president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), a promotion that was valued at more than $7 billion lately. He is known name among others in the MMA industry and its fans across the globe. 

Dana's efforts in building the UFC's reputation and popularity have been applauded many times in the past. He even received awards for his leadership in the field of Mixed Martial Art sport. 

What's his height?

Dana's height is 5 feet 11 inches. (1.8 meters)

What is his age?

Dana White's age is 50 years old. (Born- 28th July 1969) 

What is his weight?

Dana's weight is 194 lbs or 88 kgs.

Dana White wife, Anne White, Anne White Dana White
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Who is Dana White's wife?

His wife's name is Anne White. Her birth name before marriage was Anne Louise Stella. The couple met for the first time when they both were eighth-graders. (look at the image above of Anne White with Dana)

The friendship ultimately led to their wedding that took place in 1996. However, for some reason, Dana is a very private person when it comes to his marriage and wife. 

Nevertheless, Anne has been under the spotlight along with her husband at a few events and parties. In their almost 24 years of married life, they have a daughter and two sons together.

What's his net worth?

Dana White's current net worth is estimated to be about $500 Million.

His position of being the president of UFC is the main booster for his wealth. At the time when the company was sold to the interested investors for $4.025 Billion in July 2016, White's stake of 9% was worth $362.25 Million.   

After ESPN's media rights deal with UFC, Its valuation stood at an astonishing $7 Billion, which in turn, hiked up Dana's net worth to its current state.  

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Dana is an Irish-American and was born in Manchester, Connecticut to Dana White Sr. and June White. He also has a sister named Kelly.

As a 17-year old teenager, Dana jumped into the world of boxing and started practising the same. 

White then eventually turned into a manager for Tito Ortiz and former UFC Champ, Chuck Liddel before becoming the president of UFC.
Surprisingly, the value of the company was only $2 million when Dana, his high school buddy Lorenzo Fertitta and Fertitta's brother bought it in 2001. 

But, the business at the time wasn't that much fruitful to them due to low popularity. However, their fate changed in 2005 when they produced the show, 'The Ultimate Fighter', which caught a lot of eyes and was admired immensely. 

In many of his interviews, Dana has disclosed his ordeal in shaping the professional MMA look like a sport and not some typical, barbaric violence. 

Besides being the genius businessman, White has also been a part of quite a few famous TV shows namely Silicon Valley (2015); The League; Pawn Stars and It's always sunny in Philadelphia (2017). 

Here are some fascinating facts about Dana's life -

Dana White, Dana white ufc, Dana White net worth, Dana White height, age, weight
Image credit - Andrius Petrucenia/Flickr Licensed under - CC BY-SA 2.0 
  • Dana used to be a bellman in a hotel when he was a 19-year old before acting upon his ambition to be an MMA promoter. He also worked as a bouncer and has done paving as a job, following his graduation in 1986.  
  • During his very initial stage of life, White had to leave Boston and move to Las Vegas. This was basically due to a threat that he received from a dangerous mobster, who wanted $2500 from Dana.
  • White donated about a 100 Thousand dollars to the high school he attended, for the purpose of renovation of its athletic facilities in 2011.
  • A year before, in 2010, he helped a Thai girl in her liver transplant by crediting her account with 50 Grand! 
  • Dana had purchased a total of 4 mansions with a combined value of $8.15 million, from 2006 to 2017 in Pine Island, Las Vegas. His actual idea behind that investment was to bulldoze the entire area so that he could build his dream mega-mansion there!  
  • It is one of the facts of this man that many MMA fans aren't aware of and perhaps came across just now! White diagnosed with an incurable but treatable disorder named 'Meniere's Disease' back in May 2012. He still takes treatment for keeping his symptoms away.
  • Dana is a good friend of Donald Trump! In the early days, when no venue showed an interest, Trump helped Dana for hosting UFC 30 (The first event under Dana's leadership) in the Trump Taj Mahal. This favour meant a lot for Dana, so much so, he still can't thank Donald enough!
  • White loves Japanese Samurai a lot! In 2018, he spent $60000 to own a bunch of Katana Swords, at the Pawn Stars show.

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